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By participating in the Adswinner program, all the publishers will be regarded as members of Adswinner family and carefully taken care of.

Quick set-up

The procedure of registering only lasts few minutes. You will become our advertiser have the rights to create your own campaigns.

Target and optimization

There are a lot of optimization solutions to help customers reach target campaigns most accurately with low cost.

Simple and easy-to-use

We create a simple and convenient system for publishers easier to manage campaign and report data accurately.

Focus on what publishers love

We always attempt to help publisher represent their sites to advertisers, which makes their business and products more popular. As a result, the revenue they gain is much higher.

Stable operation system

The advertising will be displayed with a stable operation system. Adswinner operates with a very modern and up–to–date technology, publishers achieve the best results.

Professional service

You can sell ads at any positions you want. We accepts all traffic from almost all languages worldwide. So you have higher chances to achieve a 100% fill rate and maximize profit.


Your revenue will be maximized by displaying multi ad formats that your audiences actually want to see.

Multi ad formats

Banner 120x600, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280, 728x90 ... Pop-under, Interstitial and Direct links. Supporting all operating systems and browsers to choose optionally.

High revenue share

Benefit from high CPM, CPC, and Pop up on all your worldwide traffic and get a 100% fill rate and the highest payouts on the market. Sell ads at any positions to maximize profits.

Advanced optimization capabilities

Use algorithmic and manual calibration options to maximize your revenue. Ad campaigns will be analyzed before running on your ads so you can monetize every impression.

Real-time Statistics

Data and statistics will be informed 24/7 to help publishers easier to manage.


Publisher can request payout via Paypal. The minimum payment is $5.

Professional supporter team

We know what is important to you: Quick, good answers to your doubts!


Secure safeguard mechanisms

Take advantage of our anti-fraud technology for clicks and impressions effectively, so it will be safer and limit your daily budget.

Pro-active account management

Our managers can help you with almost all languages around the world.

Smart targeting on many devices

Identify and reach the most relevant audiences such as target country, channel, website or device with unique audience targeting technology.

Convenient service platform

Choose and manage your targeted ad campaigns independently with self-service platform. It gives you full control of your ad campaigns at your control panel and put real-time statistics.